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    GRYPiT® goes live in three cities

    Gyms in three key UK cities herald in the New Year by kitting up with Britain’s newest innovation in fitness.

    All run by leading operators, the sites are receiving their sets of GRYPiT gym handles in the next few days, ready for clipping on to cable equipment in time for official openings.

    The robust moulded polymer range, which currently comprises triceps bar, biceps bar, lat pulldown, row handle and crossover handles, is set to transform thinking about the safety and functionality of cable equipment fitted with traditional bars.

    Movement and biomechanical specialists confirm the effectiveness of GRYPiT in ensuring hands remain in a neutral position during training – reducing risk of stress-induced conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome that can induce long-term damage.

    The new sites follow others already operating north of the border by early adopters Edinburgh Leisure.

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  • Hot Deals on GRYPiT® Gym Handles

    Now you can lease GRYPiT® handles

    Next generation GRYPiT® gym handles are now available to lease for less than £5 a week.

    Launched earlier this year, our innovative moulded polymer products mark a major advance in improving the comfort, function and effectiveness of training using cable equipment.

    Leading operator Edinburgh Leisure has already rolled out the full range of GRYPiT® handles across its sites, with DW Sports the latest big name to adopt them.

    Set 1, comprising biceps bar, triceps bar narrow grip, lat pulldown, crossover handles and rowing single position, all fall within the new financing scheme.

    Leasing offers a popular and flexible option for operators, while also presenting a low-entry way for independent gyms to take advantage of what is a major functional training benefit that adds up to an investment by owners of as little as 25p per member.

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    Leisure operator Impulse Leisure is set to invest in further pulley-based gym equipment after independent tests showed increasing demand for it.

    Impulse manages centres for local authorities across Essex and Sussex and has commissioned several studies with the GYMetrix consultancy to determine gym trends.

    The findings point to demand for more dual-adjustable pulleys and cable crossovers, in contrast to isolated pulley machines such as chest and shoulder press, which have been shown in studies elsewhere to attract very low usage.

    Such data prove valuable for several reasons, said Gary Tapsell, Group Health and Fitness Manager, who is based at Blackshots Leisure Centre, Grays, Essex.

    “Every single club that’s been surveyed showed a need for more lat pulldowns, while at Blackshots, the demand was also for more crossover cables.

    “The key benefit of running the studies is to allow us to tailor provision to demand in what is a highly competitive sector,” Tapsell added. ends