• A revolution in the gym
    The gloves are off
  • Better by Design
    A Handle on functional fitness
  • Marginal gains
    Can make a massive difference

Grip, comfort and functionality combined

GRYPiT® handles raise the bar at every level of training

Ergonomically designed to ensure wrists are neutrally positioned during training, they cradle hands to heighten comfort, reducing risk of compression injury and limiting likelihood of grip and muscle fatigue.

So, less time wasted on worrying where the hands are and more time invested in raising functional training performance by optimising muscle function and reducing abnormal load on ligaments.

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GRYPiT® Goes Live in Three Cities

Gyms in three key UK cities herald in the New Year by kitting up with Britain’s newest innovation in fitness....

Gyms in three key UK cities herald in the New Year by kitting up with Britain’s newest innovation in fitness.

All run by leading operators, the sites are receiving their sets of GRYPiT® gym handles in the next few days, ready for clipping on to cable equipment in time for official openings.

The robust moulded polymer range, which currently comprises triceps bar, biceps bar, lat pulldown, row handle and crossover handles, is set to transform thinking about the safety and functionality of cable equipment fitted with traditional bars.

Movement and biomechanical specialists confirm the effectiveness of GRYPiT® in ensuring hands remain in a neutral position during training – reducing risk of stress-induced conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome that can induce long-term damage.

The new sites follow others already operating north of the border by early adopters Edinburgh Leisure.

Why GRYPiT® Handles?

GRYPiT® Strength

A team of polymer chemists and designers has developed GRYPiT® handles in highly resilient, hardwearing polymers, manufactured in the UK. Engineered for excellence, GRYPiT® delivers unwavering quality of function.
Proven in the laboratory and gym the handles have demonstrated ruggedness and resilience and have been tested far beyond normal parameters of recreational use.

GRYPiT® Ergonomics

Fashioned for a snug fit for everyone’s hands, whatever their size and shape, GRYPiT® handles create confidence to complete fulfilling, reproduceable workouts time after time. Grip on traditional steel bars can shift while training, placing stress on fingers and reducing the benefit to targeted muscle groups.
With hands firmly, correctly positioned, you are primed to perform, to do more with your reps. Less stress on muscles and joints, more benefit to the right muscle groups.

Functional training not functional straining.

GRYPiT® Comfort

We’ve all grown accustomed to slipping on the gloves for gripping pulley bars. Why? Because they ease the abrasive impact of knurled steel on hands. GRYPiT® changes all that. Handles that bring heightened levels of comfort and enjoyment to pulldowns, crossovers and rowing.
The gloves are off, free of the fear of painful blistering and chafing. It’s time to realise the full potential of functional training.

Better by Design


Intended for far more comfortable workout, GRYPiT® has boosted the performance of those trialling it by up to 20 per cent. Gain without the wrong type of pain


Because GRYPiT® ensures the hands are placed in the ergonomically correct position from the start, the handles stimulate confidence, expanding the horizon of expectation and creating heightened training targets


Once experienced, there’s no falling back to tradition. GRYPiT® handles raise the bar of the functional training experience to new levels of anticipation about training goals


GRYPiT® is set to raise retention levels. Members are more likely to renew when they know their gym has the means to give them the full benefits of functional training without the possible pain and discomfort traditional handles can create

What Makes GRYPiT® So Good

We’ve studied the bio-mechanical interaction between the arms and hands and traditional gym handles, calculated optimum positioning and developed GRYPiT® to recreate it as closely as science allows.

The reassurance that you are training optimally stirs greater confidence in gaining the benefits you expect while limiting attrition to joints. In turn, that presents opportunities to meet, and exceed your goals in the gym.
GRYPiT® introduces heightened safety to equipment fitted with the handles, giving you and personal trainers added peace of mind.
GRYPiT® has been tested far beyond the normal weight limits found on normal weight stacks. One more reason why you can put your full faith in the handles to help you excel.

6 Great Reasons to Get to Grips with GRYPiT®


Genuinely Innovative

GRYPiT® is unique in the gym, offering operators a real advantage over sites equipped with traditional steel bars.


So Simple to Use

Hands fit quickly and snugly into GRYPiT® handles and once there remain correctly positioned for optimal training.


Next Generation Technology

GRYPiT® has advanced traditional technology for the benefit of everyone wanting to employ cutting edge principles in their training.


Creates the Buzz

Once GRYPiT® handles are introduced into the gym, members just won’t stop talking and Tweeting about them. They create a focus of interest and excitement. The WOW factor.


Stay Ahead

The GRYPiT® training advantage can allow clubs to stay ahead of the competition and encourage retention.


Just a Click Away

GRYPiT® handles are quick and easy to install onto existing equipment. A major improvement without major upheaval.

Just Commonsense

Sportspeople know the proven performance benefits of marginal gains. Now millions of gym-goers have the chance to experience how powerful a force they can be.
When small improvements can count enormously over time, here’s a fresh force in fitness that delivers true, longlasting benefits in functional training. GRYPiT® is changing the climate of opinion about traditional steel bars.
A revolution in the gym that is long overdue. Shed the sweaty gloves and feel the comfort and confidence GRYPiT® handles deliver. Pumping up the enjoyment on the road to functional fitness.
GRYPiT® allows you to work out more productively because the bars are ergonomically engineered to ensure you hold the correct position right through your training cycle. Reproduceable performance levels session after session that breed the confidence to excel.
Maintaining correct position focuses effort on the muscle groups in question. No wasted effort. Less risk of stress and strain on fingers, wrists arms and shoulders. The more you use GRYPiT® handles, the greater the training rewards.
The full, strong, reassuring grip the handles promote means you transmit effort optimally to the muscles you want to work, with less unnecessary overloading.
Training using traditional bars can result in having to change the angle of the wrists and hands to the handlebar to compensate for levels of discomfort that can increase over time. This is counterproductive to optimal training.
GRYPiT® allows you to maintain the ergonomically correct angle so you continue to benefit in a controlled, consistent way.
Just commonsense really. Like many great innovations, you’ll wonder why nobody thought of GRYPiT® before. A call to the bar for any gym, large or small and a great retention factor. Why wouldn’t members and visitors want to use GRYPiT®.

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